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Gregory Barkman moved to Alamance County, North Carolina, with his wife Marti in 1973 at the invitation of nineteen believers who desired to begin a new independent Baptist church. A strong proponent of expository preaching, Pastor Barkman teaches regularly from the Beacon Baptist Church pulpit, and is heard on the Beacon Broadcast. Greg and Marti have four daughters, and live in Haw River, NC.

Website: www.beaconbaptist.com

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A Good Theological Foundation Gregory Barkman 14:30 .mp3
Biblical Assurance of Salvation Gregory Barkman 38:44 .mp3
Gifted to Teach Gregory Barkman 14:30 .mp3
Hating Evil Gregory Barkman 14:26 .mp3
Helping the Needy Gregory Barkman 14:28 .mp3
How Christians Should Dress Gregory Barkman 49:53 .mp3
Praying in Tongues Gregory Barkman 14:34 .mp3
The Evidence of Saving Faith Gregory Barkman 14:32 .mp3
The Gift of Giving Gregory Barkman 14:28 .mp3
Understanding Christian Liberty Gregory Barkman 52:07 .mp3
What about Women Soloists Gregory Barkman 38:19 .mp3
Women in the Church Gregory Barkman 48:08 .mp3

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